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    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Student/Teacher): Questions before purchasing

    Stephen B. Adobe



      I'm considering purchasing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Student/teacher version).  I have several questions I was hoping to get answered before I do so.  I'll list them here...


      • Does the Student/Teacher version have all the same capabilities and functionality as the standard version of this product?
      • The software is being offered as a download by a [reputable] 3rd party vendor.  Can the software be downloaded to more than one computer in my household?  (The same vendor does offer a hard-copy version for a mere $2 more, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't just buy that one to be safe.)
      • One of the primary tasks I need to do with my digital photos most often is resize them, in large batches.  Does Lightroom 5 have the capability to do that?
      • And finally, is anyone familiar with purchasing Student/Teacher software?  Is my email address with .edu extension enough to satisfy eligibility requirements?


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer any or all of these questions!



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. There is only one version of the Lightroom program. The only difference is in the licensing. So, yes, the student/teacher version is exactly the same as any other version of Lightroom. There are no features that are left out or unavailable.



          2. One Lightroom license entitles you to install Lightroom on two separate computers, but for your personal use. It is not intended that you should be able to share a license with another person.



          3. Lightroom does not have a resizing option as part of its standard editing process. Resizing images is accomplished by exporting copies. And you can specify the size of that image in the export dialogue.



          4. I have purchased the academic version (often referred to as the student/teacher version). I purchased a box version which contained a yellow card with instructions on how to receive my serial number. It said that it involved an academic e-mail address as well as a copy of my university picture ID. But I don't recall having to send the ID picture. It has been several years since I purchased the academic version, so the rules may have changed in the meantime.



          Judging from your questions, you have little working knowledge of Lightroom at this point. This is not a criticism by any means. The Internet is a good source for video tutorials about the program. And you should devote some time to understanding Lightroom before you dive in and use it.

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            Stephen B. Adobe Level 1



            I thank you very much for such a swift and thorough reply.  I've noted all your answers, as well as the final comment.  And your estimation would definitely be accurate.  I'm an amateur digital photographer, looking for a software option to use for basic editing tasks.  These photos are mostly for personal use and are not - at this point, anyway - meant to be edited, corrected, or enhanced to the point where they're of professional or commercial quality.  Thus, you may well be right, Lightroom may be above the level of capability that I'm looking for.  A family member recommended it to me, but I'll admit she has more need for all the creative control than I do.  ...Is there a different version, say just plain Photoshop, that's more suited to my purposes?  I can tell already at this point that your opinion is one with much value, and thus I'm eager for any recommendation(s) you might have.  Thanks again.



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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Lightroom and Photoshop or two completely different animals in a lot of ways. It isn't a question of either/or, but rather when to use the Lightroom and when to turn to Photoshop.The differences are too great to go into a detailed explanation on a forum such as this. I use both Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom is my starting point for all of my work, and I do easily 90% of my work using Lightroom. But sometimes there are things that Lightroom can't do, or Photoshop just does better.


              Without going into a lot of detail, Lightroom does not modify the pixels in your image file. All changes and adjustments are stored in what is called the catalog, which is really a database. When you want copies of those images to share that include all of the Lightroom adjustments you export copies for that purpose. Because of this approach to editing, there are some things that Lightroom cannot do. That's where Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or some other editor comes into play.


              Looking back, it's easy to start editing using Lightroom. The thing I had a hard time getting my head around at first was the need to export copies of images to share with others, or to send to a lab, etc. As soon as you have that concept ingrained into your workflow I think Lightroom can be a very powerful tool. But it won't do everything, stitching panoramas, removing objects from images, and other such tasks are easier performed with other software. I'm not saying this to discourage you from Lightroom, but rather to encourage you to consider purchasing Lightroom with another product such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. There is "interconnection" between the two programs built into Lightroom that makes the process of going back and forth between the two very simple.


              You are probably scratching your head right now wondering what I'm talking about. I apologize. Here is a link to a good set of videos you might want to watch. Then, hopefully it will help you make a better decision.

              Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 | Adobe TV

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                Stephen B. Adobe Level 1

                Hahaha.  Yes, it is beginning to sound more and more like Lightroom's capabilities are above my basic needs.


                I'll give those tutorials a look in the morning.  Thanks!

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                  John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Perhaps also consider Photoshop Elements 13

                  Picture editing software | Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 - Features


                  You may find that it does everything you want it to.

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                    Stephen B. Adobe Level 1

                    Thanks very much.  I'll give that a look as well!