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    Preferred method of accessing InDesign Files off of a Server


      I'm dealing with a number of Mac Users who are running InDesign6 (as a part of CS6) off of their Desktops, connecting to a Linux Server running both Samba and netatalk (Apple File Protocol).  They are complaining that if they do not frequently save their data in InDesign, that it will then crash and that they will have to open up InDesign all over again.  What is the best way to operate in a multi-user environment where files need to be shared among different Mac Users?  Would a version control system where files are checked out and then edited locally be better?  Is Windows a more suitable file server over Linux (perish the thought)? 


      Is this issue more likely related to networking or our server configuration or possibly an issue with the desktops themselves?  Where should I start looking for issues and what should I be looking for?