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    Who Likes a Challenge?  .PNG Files Transparent Except When Placed Over Black




        So, I'm having an interesting problem with InDesign CS6 here at work.  I am using several PNG files with transparent backgrounds in my document.  When they are placed over any item that isn't black, the print just fine with a transparent background.  However, when I use the same files and place them over an item that is black, something odd happens.  The PNG files appear fine on the computer screen, but when I print my InDesign document (either directly or by exporting it as a pdf and then printing the pdf), they get printed with a rectangle shaped background with a fill color that is a different shade of black than the item behind it.  In other words, my png graphics appear to lose their transparent backgrounds only when the color behind them is black.  It looks pretty bad (unprofessional).  I first thought it was an issue with my color management settings.  However, a friend at a professional publishing company printed the InDesign document and had the same problem.  At work, we have many of these PNG files and I really don't want to spend the time converting them all to PSDs or transparent TIFFs unless I have to.  Any suggestions/ideas as to what could be causing this?  Thanks!