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    ESC key functionality in DVD Event

    phil knox

      Have used the intergrated DVD Event Manager to control playback of a hybrid DVD. DVD inserts well, controlled ok by the standard Flash controller component.

      No problems with an additional button on the stage to exit back to a main menu.

      However, I have an additional button to target full screen, using a straightforward sprite(1).fullscreen=TRUE to target the specific DVD sprite. THis works OK, but then there is no way of getting back from the fullscreen - it seems to be unresponsive to any event handlers thrown at it.

      I understood from the documentation that the DVD Event Handler automatically used ESC as an exit from fullscreen - this doesn't seem to work. I have tried both with exit lock on and off in the Publish settings.

      I have also tried frame event handlers (key down and mouse down events) to trigger the return (using the reverse of the above script ie sprite(1).fullscreen=FALSE. Not working. Also tried this with a null sprite off the stage, still nothing.

      Tried attaching similar trigger to the DVD member itself - nothing!

      This is nuts, as it effectively locks the user out - having to use Task Manager to exit the programme!

      I've looked through the various paramaters for the DVD Event Manager and can't see an obvious solution, and precious little exits on the forums about encoding this DVD EM.

      Any ideas? (Also - cursor disappers in fullscreen mode, making any interactivty pretty pointless!)