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    Using same lrtemplate for duplicated printers


      Hi there,


      I'm using LR v5.6 on Win 7 together with two different Epson Pro 3880 printers (home and at work). The same epson-driver is in use, but printers have been installed with different names and use of different usb-ports. In short; I'm looking for a way of duplicating .lrtemplte-files, but with manually edit/hack of the "Page Setup"-information. I have templates with a lot of different settings related to adv b&w, platen gap, thickness, quality and so on - I need to keep these, but just change what printer to use.


      When opening the .lrtemplate-file in Notebook I can see information on all settings related to margins and so on, but nothing on the printer "connected" with this .lrtemplate. ... I know the information is stored in the template, but it seems to be another place than in the .lrtemplate-file, so I guess it's all down to where this "Page Setup"-information is stored and an easy way of manually editing this information in the template?