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      I recently purchased premiere elements and now my videos are saying created with premiere elements 12 trial version

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          What are the rest of the details.


          1. Were you working from a tryout, purchased the tryout, and inserted a purchased serial number into it?


          2. Did you never have the tryout and are getting tryout or buy dialogs when you go to use your purchased program?


          3. Other?


          If 1....

          You cannot remove the Adobe watermark from an export of the tryout, be it an export to file saved to the computer hard drive or a burn to disc.

          You can remove the Adobe watermark from a project file (project.prel) created in the tryout. You do that by opening the tryout project.prel in the

          purchased product and then

          a. Timeline Menu/Delete Rendered Files


          b. Do nothing and the Adobe watermark will disappear automatically.

          The a way is the usual way. But some of us have found that the b way works for us.


          If 2....

          This can happen to all of us from time to time.. Just click on License this Product, supply the information requested, and you are

          not likely to see that message again.


          If 0....

          Please give more details.


          Thanks. We will be watching for your follow up.