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    Imported Photos have disappeared in my Library


      Imported a wedding collection about 3 days ago, worked on them and had them almost finished. Opened LR again today, did some work on other photos, and then went back to finish the wedding collection. Appears that the photos were never even in LR. Can't find the folder anywhere and LR will even let me try to import them again - which is a sign that they're nowhere in my library! Not sure what to do or how to fix it. There's also another folder that I had imported that's no longer in my LR library - and I had done some work on it as well!


      I never backup my LR library - which is dumb, I'm aware. On 9/19 I updated it and saved it to my external. Yesterday I created a new catalog for something I was working on and couldn't get back to my other catalog, so I closed the program and reopened from the 9/19 backup. Would have that reset LR back to 9/19? If so, is there anyway to go back to where I was before I opened with that backup?


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated!