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    qe.project.numSequences and qe.project.getSequenceAt(i) is not match




      I am currently developing adobe premiere plugin to import, edit, and export clip.

      When i have more than 1 sequence and perform export operation, I will try to get number of sequences and loop through sequence to match the sequence name (qe.project.getSequenceAt(i).name). Somehow qe.project.getSequenceAt(i) cannot get more than 1 item, they only contains 1 item instead total number of items specify in numSequences.


      This issue is happen randomly, I tried on 1 machine and it always happen while in my PC, it is not reproducible.


      Below is my code for get the sequence item.


      getSequenceByName = function(name)


        for (var i = 0; i <qe.project.numSequences; ++i)


        if (name == qe.project.getSequenceAt(i).name)


        return (qe.project.getSequenceAt(i));



        return null;



      Anyone has any ideas what is happening to this code or anyone face this issue before?