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    Continually getting Application Errof 0sc000007b.  How to solve?

    Monika Chace

      When trying to print off of CS6, I continually the CS6ServiceManager.exe-Application Error.  It says the application was unable to start correctly (0sc000007b).  Click OK to close the application.  When I click OK, nothing happens beyond that message popping up again and again and again.  Even after I close PS.  Also, it couldn't find my printer, so I had to re-install the drivers.  3 weeks ago, I had a similar problem w/the printer drivers.  Apparently there were missing dll files that caused my PC to blue screen.  After $271 in IT charges, it worked.... until I tried to print again.  I haven't rebooted yet, which is when it started to bluescreen.  Has anybody else had this & is there a solution?