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    Ai CC Installation Failed


      While I am downloading the Ai CC 2014, it stop at 42% download status. It says's that "Installation Failed"...

      There's a 'Learn More" link after that error ("Installation Failed") and when I clicked that, some advice showed up and says:

      "Installation Failed; Please quit Adobe Creative Cloud and try again. That should fix the issue."


      But I quit it many times but same error appear. Please help me

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without any proper system information and other details nobody can tell you anything. The install stopping at 42 or 43 percent usually means that the download is finished, but the extraction of the installer fails, which could mean the downloaded files are damaged or you do not have enough disk space.



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            iAnkitkhurana Adobe Employee

            Hi mond25,


            Please tell me the Operating system you are using, also check for the background process and end it. Processes like AAMupdater notifier, Creative cloud, Coresync.exe, Crashdeamon  in Task manager for Windows and Activity monitor for Mac.