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    Drawing tool behaviour in Flash CC




      I'm using Flash for about 10 years now, and recently use the new flash CC for my new projects.


      I'm really disappointed with the new drawing tool. I mean, the new behaviour of the old brush tool.

      What did you do to it ? it has always been hard to get the 'what you draw is what you get', with flash.

      But now with that new version, it became almost impossible to draw correctly.


      The strokes are awful.


      And, worst, the behaviour of the arrow, when you want to adjust your splines, is also unpredictable, and unusable !

      I'm not talking about the drawings you get when you draw inside a symbol which is rotated. If you never try it, just do it, you'll laugh... For such a professional tool, costing several hundred of dollars, I don't understand why you cannot rotate and draw in the symbol, and why, after so many years you never find a fix for that...


      Why did you destroy that tool ???

      And is it possible to get back the old drawing engine, maybe with an extension, or a fix ?


      Thank you for your attention,

      - hope I'll not have to force the studio switching to Toon Boom Harmony...