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    Flash Builder 4.6 on Mac Lion 10.7.5: can't run installer: Certificate Revoked




      Are you aware of the fact that FB 4.6 is not installing anymore on OS X 10.7.5 and maybe OS X in general ?



      Since I really need Design View that latest FB doesn't offer, I've just downloaded FB 4.6 for OS X at Adobe: Adobe - Adobe Flash Builder 4 : For Macintosh : Flash Builder 4.6 - Mac OS : Thank You


      My actual OS X is 10.7.5, Lion.


      Launching the install.app, it appears an error window:

      Please be aware that I know this message is coming from Gatekeeper, see for instance: OS X: About Gatekeeper

      The point is that this particular problem isn't solvable, apparently.

      The problem is related with the certificate signing the app, as you can see issuing the command:

      bash-3.2# spctl -a Install.app

      Install.app: CSSMERR_TP_CERT_REVOKED


      So, here we have a _revoked_ certificate, not an unknown certificate/developer, or unsigned app.

      In fact, unfortunately this problem persists even disabling Gatekeeper:

      bash-3.2# spctl --status

      assessments disabled


      since apparently a revoked certificate is not an error that can be ignored or circumvented in any way.

      AFAIK, the idea behind this is: Apple actually don't provide any quality check on apps (they are not "approved by") but can eventually (IF there are "problems") block one through the revoking mechanism. Because of that, the _revoked?_  check can't be circumvented/disabled. I will try ASAP an OS upgrade to verify if with Mountain Lion (10.8) I can eventually force executing Install.app, but chances seem scarce till now.


      So, Adobe can you please help me ?

      Maybe signing with a valid certificate this installer...

      FB4.6 is essential as it is the last version with DV. I had to install FB46 on Windows to keep on working, but this is definitely slowing me down as everything else is on Mac.




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          Hello everybody, good news: after upgrading to Mountain Lion 10.8.5 I've been able to run the installer and all went fine.


          Mountain Lion allows user to force execution through the context-menu (CTRL-click) Open command and it does work, just that simple.


          So my advice is: if you want to install or re-install Flash Builder 4.6 on a Mac with Lion installed, upgrade to Mountain Lion or better to avoid problems.


          Apple introduced some (not all) Gatekeeper functionalities in 10.7.3 and following, but apparently you need a full-fledged 10.8 to have also what you need to circumvent a Revoked Certificate error.

          Since usually OS X has auto updating active, if you are running Lion you end up with 10.7.5 and won't install FB46. If you manage somehow to hold 10.7.2 I suppose you should be able to install FB46, sincerely I didn't check it out. Anyway it's simpler and safer to move on to 10.8.x.