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    New system build, GTX 780ti or 970?

    Kingsley Bailey Level 1


      Unsure on what GPU to get.... 780ti has more cuda cores but not entirely sure that means it's better.


      Will have two 1920 x1080 screens and eventually a 4K one further down the road.


      Can't afford SLI at the moment but it could be an option later on.


      Not much after effects work but I will be using Davinci resolve.


      Really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          I would get the 970GTX at this point especially with the HDMi 2.0.




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            JFPhoton Level 3

            Soon Eric will be posting test results of the 980 and 970....as compared to other previous cards. We should thank him for providing all this valuable information, which serves as a guide in selecting the right equipment for many users of PPro.


            So far, gaming reviews have shown the 980 to be SUPERIOR...even BEFORE overclocking, to their predecessor cards....in fact, NVidia has already annonced the " discontinuation" of its 700 series cards, in favor of the new " Maxwell " architecture cards. These new cards draw far less power , run cooler, but, offer better performance. This is PUZZLING because the memory throughput is LOWER , with a lower CUDA count as well...not to mention having a LOWER PRICE !!!


            This is why Eric's testing will be so helpful in determining if the new cards offer any performance gain IN PREMIERE PRO...forget gaming!  If they DO....users will benefit from the lower price compared to the 780ti !!!

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              DV2FOX Level 1

              Note of warning: I own a GIGABYTE GTX 970 G1 GAMING card since yesterday and now Adobe Premiere takes 2 or 3 times LONGER to encode/export a video!!!!. a 1h30min takes NEARLY 4 HOURS TO EXPORT...


              ...That's probably due to the CUDA removal from the actual Nvidia 344.16 drivers,EVEN WITH SOME MODS OUT THERE...GPU Usage won't go past 8-20% and GPU Memory (4GB) won't go past 200-350MB


              Nvidia AND Adobe better work togheter and make things go correctly once again,and now with the releases of these new cards (with the discontinuation of the 700 series like JFPhoton said) to make things FASTER/BETTER THAN BEFORE.


              Take note of this,Adobe!,i need a new version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 for this!

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This is a user to user forum with "some" Adobe staff participation, report bugs at this link

                https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform for bugs or feature requests

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                  DV2FOX Level 1

                  Did it,but still,just wanted to warn users about this "just in case". Thanks.

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                    JFPhoton Level 3

                    Of course,we are all assuming that your new card is " enabled", AND that you are using the most RECENT version of PPro, CC 2014....AND that no other significant changes to your system were made. This would be BAD news, and maybe explains the DELAY Eric is reporting in receiving HIS cards for testing.

                         Bill Gehrke was questioning , in advance, the ability of these cards because they have less memory throughput, less CUDA cores and are CHEAPER !!  Maybe these cards are focused on gaming ONLY !!

                         If Eric's testing confirms your bad experience, this could be very bad news in that Adobe has announced the " discontinuation" of the 7xx series of GeForce cards. This could be the start of a move by Nvidia to FORCE video editors to buy other, more expensive cards, ( like the Quadro is ), in order to get the performance they need. OR.....it could be a sly move to MOVE existing piles of 7xx series cards off the shelf !

                         Hopefully, all this is NOT true and and is just a simple mistake.....if it IS true....people like me, who have waited for Haswell E, will be racing to gobble up the remaining 780ti cards !!!!......how appropriate ....right at Thanksgiving time !!!.....gobble- gobble !!

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                      DV2FOX Level 1

                      Still,Adobe n Nvidia better work their minds on!

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                        Kingsley Bailey Level 1

                        I could deal with a 10% difference between the 970 and 780ti considering I get HDMI 2.0....could go SLI when I get a 4k monitor but not if the export rate is 2 x 3 times longer as DV2FOX reported...


                        Looking at the tech specs I can't see that a 970 would be equal to a 780ti's performance in PProCC


                        I too have been waiting for the Haswell-e release and I cant afford to wait another 10 months for the 970ti to be released (assuming there will be one)


                        Thank you all for your responses,


                        I would really appreciate a link to the results of the testing once completed and potentially a link to where I can buy a cheap 780ti

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          Sounds like a configuration problem. I am not seeing this at all so far in testing. The 980GTX so far is right in line with the 780Ti and Titan card.




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                            Vesi Level 1

                            So what's the story today?

                            Did the 970 start working?

                            780ti still tops the charts at CC?


                            GTX 780Ti still sounds like a very nice option at 399 euros ($465).

                            GTX 970 at around 330 euros ($385).


                            I'm waiting for something better, but I have to have something now for the new build.

                            Last spring everybody was waiting for the GTX 780ti, 6GB, that never happened - Titan Black still starting at 850 euros ($990).

                            Last October there were reports how we were just days a way from GTX 980, 8GB, that never happened.

                            Now everybody is talking about the 980Ti, but there's no evidence about that. Only about the new Quadro, and then maybe from there, new Titan.


                            So the same question applies: GTX 970 or GTX 780Ti for FullHD, Resolve to CC?

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                              cc_merchant Level 4

                              In your specs I see two Seagate Barracuda HDD's 3 TB.


                              Do you know that BlackBlaze has 1163 of these Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 3 TB disks in their server parks The Ultimate Hard Drive Test: What Hard Drive is Best? and they have a failure rate of more than 43.1% with these disks.


                              Blackblaze HDD failures.png

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                                SchimPro Level 1

                                Gpu acceleration with the GTX 970 didn't work for me due to the problem you described, so I returned the card. I personally will buy a 780ti now. Thinking about the msi one but not sure yet

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                                  jacksneogen Level 1

                                  I have a GTX 780 TI that came with a custom-built computer I got in early July. All Adobe CC applications run extremely slow. Too slow to even be useful. Premiere takes 6-8 times longer to encode and export. After Effects barely runs. Many "fixes" have been tried, but nothing works. Any suggestions would be appreciated by me and our IT department.


                                  SchimPro, did you buy the 780 TI and if so, how's it working for you?