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    InDesign XML autoflow issue

    Comms Mike Level 1



      My Scenario:


      I am currently producing labels within InDesign and looking to autoflow some imported XML.


      On the masterpage I have positioned all of the text frames and graphics.


      I've setup all of my tags and styles on page 1 and when importing the xml the first entry displays perfect - just how it should...but when I select the out port and attempt to autoflow the remaining data...rather than autoflow into the text frames on the page it instead autoflows into the next frame - then moves onto new pages (please see attached images)...as you can see it fills the first two frames of every page and then starts a new page.


      When setting up my tags and frames I set the "Keep option" to go into the next frame...any ideas where I could be going wrong?

      test pic.png

      Any guidance would be appreciated, hopefully I've explained myself clearly enough though can offer more information on the structure of my document if required