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    RGB PDF has color shift when published online

    dooalot Level 1

      Hello all, this if my first time posting an online question like this. I would appreciate any advice!


      I have created a document in InDesign that is intended to be uploaded/published for online viewing. Lots of colors and transparency effects applied throughout. I have been careful to use RGB images and to use the Document RGB transparency blend space since the intent is for online publishing.


      I have played with PDF export settings over time and get good results with one exception. When the client uploads the final PDF (which views correctly on the screen) ... once it is opened in the online viewer, certain undesirable color shifts are occurring on any page where a cull color photo has had a transparency effect (particularly the "luminosity" effect) applied to it. Drop shadows are not an issue... not all effects seem to cause the issue, but luminosity and I think multiply and probably some of the others along those lines, cause the color shift.


      The client has done a workaround to fix the problem by taking the problematic PDF  pages, opening them in Photoshop, saving as JPEG (i.e. flattening the page), and then importing those JPEGs back into an INDD file and re-exporting as PDF.  So it appears that flattening the image is the key issue.


      I have looked online and tried to do research to find out if I can take care of the flattening, etc, on my end so the client doesn't have to... but I'm not finding any definitive answers. I think my main questions are:


      1. Can I export a flattened RGB PDF directly from InDesign


      2. Can I tweak/flatten my PDF in Acrobat Pro before sending to the client?


      Thanks in advance for anyone who can point me in the right direction. I am usually able to figure out these things on my own, but this one is giving me trouble.