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    Non facing pages with two masters


      My pre-press contact has advised me to create documents without facing pages checked. I'm not 100% sure why since I'll be exporting to .pdf anyway, allowing them to impose the pages.  She just said that facing pages "nearly always cause problems."


      However, I am creating a large conference program book with a left and right master.  I know how to set up two separate masters. What concerns me is the inevitable changes--pages inserted, pages deleted. With facing pages In Design 'figures it out.' As long as you don't have uneven columns or pull quotes in the margins, it's not too much trouble to insert a single page within the book during the design process.


      I've played around with the no facing pages, two masters, and as best as I can see, adding a page is as bad as I feared: I would have to manually reset every single page after that one to the proper master.  I HAVE to be missing something as that would get old really fast in a 100+ page program that will probably morph multiple times.


      On a related note, certain pages or sections of pages, will have unique footers, aligned either left or right. (ie Welcome from the President; Sunday--Session 1, etc.) I will obviously strive to do these last for the reasons mentioned above.  But, again, is there am InDesign trick that I'm missing? This can't be uncommon.


      Straight-up design I can handle, but dealing with large, complex documents is something I don't have much experience with.


      Thanks for your advice.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Take a different printer. She is telling you complete nonsense. Maybe that SHE has problems, but it is not caused by InDesign, it is caused by HER.

          If you have a double sided printed publication you have to set it up as facing pages and you have to export as single pages.


          In combination with the document setup to facing/non-facing pages you will have an influence on many things in your document:

          1. Paragraph alignment toward or away from spine (as it often used for page numbers).
          2. Anchored objects with toward and from spine settings.
          3. Keep options.


          If a printer is not able to handle facing pages look for a different printer.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Sounds like you need to find a different printer...


            Facing pages is a standard, and nearly universally accepted, method of preparing files, and there is no way your pre-press operator would have any idea if the PDF you send as single pages started out as a facing pages .indd file.