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    RAW imports - possible to use cameras settings?


      This may be a stupid question but is it possible to import RAW files into LR and batch process them using presets that mirror how the camera would do it i.e how the camera would create the jpeg but obviously without converting it to a jpeg?  Can I specify that they should be processed as my Canon EOS70D would?



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is one of the challenges when working with raw images. Every camera manufacturer stores the camera settings differently in their proprietary raw file format. Lightroom and Camera Raw (used by Photoshop and Photoshop Elements) are designed to NOT read those settings because of how differently they are stored.


          There are a couple of alternatives that will help alleviate this. First of all, you can adjust one of your images so that it matches the JPEG and then you can create a preset that can be applied either individually or applied to all raw files when they are imported into Lightroom. This could be one preset or several presets. But only one preset can be applied on import. The other option would be to adjust one of your raw images so that it matches the JPEG, and then save new camera defaults. Those defaults would then be applied whenever you import new images or reset images that have already been imported.


          Since you are using a Canon camera, in the calibration section in the develop module you will find different camera profiles available that are designed to match the different camera settings that you can choose in the camera. These profiles can help to get the image closer to what the JPEG looks like.

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            dj_paige Level 9

            You would have to use the Canon software. Lightroom does not have the capability to read the camera settings.

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              p_hz Level 1

              Thanks Jim - under the calibration section I don't seem to be presented with many options - the only profile available is Adobe Standard.  Is this because LR4 doesn't handle EOS70D CR2 files and I've therefore had to convert it to DNG outside of LR using Adobe DNG Converter?

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I can only guess, because I am a Nikon user. It is my understanding that there are full camera profiles for Canon and Nikon cameras. My only guess is that it is because you are using Lightroom 4. What version of the DNG converter did you use to convert the files?

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                  p_hz Level 1

                  Version  I believe it's because the camera came onto the market post LR4 and only LR5 supports the 70D CR2 file format

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                    areohbee Level 6

                    As has been mentioned, the camera emulation profiles gets you most of the way there. If you want to get closer still, then you need to setup the camera emulation mode of a plugin like ISO Detailer or Ottomanic Importer (Collection Preseter + ExifMeta will also do it) - free by me, internet search to find..


                    To review:

                    * Collection Preseter is a way of automating Jim Hess's multi-preset approach - auto-choose the preset to apply based on exif metadata (Lightroom won't read most camera settings, but exiftool can and ExifMeta does).

                    * ISO Detailer and Ottomanic Importer share the same camera emulation capabilities, and have more capacity for intelligence (e.g. interpolation) than the aforementioned option. Ottomanic will assure emulation is done immediately (and automatically) upon import. ISO Detailer is simpler, but requires you to manually run it after importing. Both options require YOU to come up with the adjustments you want to make, and the criteria for making them - not for "beginners", but just so ya know - there are ways..



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                      elie-d Level 4

                      When LR is installed it places on your computer a collection of folders, each one for a different camera, that contain the emulation profiles. They are located in Windows 7 at C:/ProgramData/Adobe/Camera Raw/Camera Profiles/Camera. Obviously LR 4 could not include profiles for the 70D in that collection, but I think that if the 70D subfolder from LR 5 were pasted in there LR 4 would use it. Another location where they could be put is C:/Users/Your Name/App Data/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles. This is where my "home made" profiles are stored and they have always been used by every version of LR since v.2 with no problem.


                      If you wish, I can make the 70D files from LR 5.6 available for you on Dropbox, if somebody can assure me that would not be a violation of the license agreement.

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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        That is strange. I thought (and maybe I'm wrong) that the DNG converter installed the profiles for the cameras that it supported. I'm not real technical. Your camera was first supported in 8.2.

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                          p_hz Level 1

                          Thanks Elie, very kind offer.  If someone does confirm it's OK, would appreciate that very much.



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                            areohbee Level 6

                            JimHess wrote:


                            because of how differently they are stored

                            To be clear: The primary reason Lightroom doesn't read them is because it wouldn't know what to do with them if it did (without additional camera emulation programming I mean).


                            Lightroom DOES read some of the camera settings from the proprietary raw files, and of course there is no real standard for how raw data is stored either, nor white balance, nor lens info, nor... (yeah, they are *all* variants of tiff, still - manufacturers take liberties..).


                            In other words, Lightroom is already in the business of decoding proprietary raw files, and some camera settings, it's just not in the business of emulating all camera settings, and so only reads the metadata that it needs to do the things it does..


                            I realize some of the more knowledgeable Adobe defenders (and DNG zealots) have made it sound like it's really hard to decode camera settings for so many models  (and all the photography world's problems would be solved if everybody used DNG) but they "exaggerate" (if they even have any idea what they're talking about).


                            *** DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!


                            exiftool can read camera settings for almost all cameras in existence, and it's maintained in the spare time of one man (Phil Harvey) who works full time in a physics lab, and has a full personal life outside of work too. Granted, he's a really smart guy , but so are Adobe's camera raw engineers .