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    Fairly new to Animate | Would like some guidance

    DennisHendrik Level 2

      Hey guys... I am trying to figure out this program.


      While learning I am adding it to a temp website.

      But... I am working on getting my reserve animation once I've clicked my close button to jump back to a the label ("Siteloaded".

      I would like this, due to the fact I do not want to make 3 editions of my mainPage. Like I have now: SiteLoaded, MouseIn and MouseInR are the same.
      These last two are starting animation for a MouseEnter event. Once clicked on the Close.btn I would like the animation to reserve itself and jump back to the label "Siteloaded" and not stop at the labels "MouseIn" or "MouseInR".

      Below is my timeline and it has some Snippets for hiding and showing some hit boxes and/or trigger animations once returning. I get that.


      I could be (and I think it is so) that I am working at this all wrong, but I don't know better atm. Don't know JS and it's possibilities.