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    Can't view Camera RAW files in Bridge or Photoshop CS4 after upgrading to Mac Mavericks X OS.

    Bob Trautman Level 1

      After upgrading my Mac operating system to Mavericks X I can no longer view Camera RAW images on either Bridge or Photoshop CS4!


      I'd already fixed the issue of not even being able to launch Photoshop by installing Apple's Java applet, but this doesn't seem to have helped with the Camera RAW situation.


      I've tried invoking "Update" in both Bridge and Photoshop, and both indicate there are no updates.


      I even went to Adobe's Camera RAW area, and downloaded and installed the Camera RAW plugin specifically for my cameras (Canon 5D Mk ii) and Photoshop CS4, and that hasn't helped at all!


      I feel that it's just another silly Java applet, but I haven't any idea how to proceed from here!




      Thank you,