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    upgrade to pdf responses


      So, if I understand this correctly, if I upgrade I can receive the responses in the same format as the form without having to write a script.  Is this correct?  What is the least level of upgrade would I need to have this option?

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          Just to be clear, when you collect response in Formscentral they are initially stored in the response table. You can try this much out with a free account. With a paid account at any level you can export your responses out of the response table as filled PDF. Note that there is no batch function for this each one must be individually exported. If you only care about collecting filled forms you could consider using an email based PDF workflow. In this case you would author the form in Formscentral and then save it out as a PDF without a submit button. Then in an application such as Acrobat you'd add a Submit button that sends the filled PDF to the email of your choice.