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    Using Replace Pages in accessible PDF's


      Hi - Brand new to this forum.  Hoping someone can help... I have an existing tagged and accessible PDF - needed content update, so did that in Word, created a new tagged and accessible PDF, and used Replace pages to insert the new pages into the existing PDF.  Acrobat Help says when you replace pages in a PDF, Acrobat adds the tags from the incoming pages to the end of the tag tree... and keeps the tags for the replaced pages.   That didn't happen - the tags from the incoming pages are not there and, in fact, the tags that were in the existing PDF are not there anymore either - now it just says "Warning, empty page".   Any ideas?

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          a C student Level 3

          Try deleting the old pages and inserting the new ones. That works for me (Acrobat Pro XI on Windows 7). I had never tried "Replace Pages" before - just tried it on a test file - as you experienced it did not bring in the tags with the added page.


          Hope this helps.


          a 'C' student

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            kvdmcanada Level 1

            Thanks C Student - I appreciate your fast suggestion.   And sorry for somehow posting the same question in a couple of places!   Don't actually know how I managed that!   But thanks for answering it there as well.  I have 60-some pdfs to work on and have always used "replace pages" - it always worked before.   I just tried insert/delete - means extra steps but it works, so thanks!  I'll give that a go. 

            When something doesn't work the way Acrobat Help says it's supposed to, should I be reporting that as a bug? 

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              a C student Level 3

              Seems like a bug to me.

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                pathblaster Level 1

                HI kvdmcanada,


                The proper path to maintaining the tagged structure will not be using Replace Pages, as that only concerns the base artwork of the page. (It's the good way to retain interactive elements in the original PDF though.)

                The right way is to go to the Combine files into a single PDF command and designate the pages you wish to "replace" into the updated PDF from the source PDFs. If your replaced pages are like in the middle of the original PDF, you can build the list in and order like this: Original PDF (first pages up to new content), New PDF (select pages to use as replacements), Original PDF (remaining pages). Then when you combine them, it should hold all the tagging.


                Good luck.

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                  kvdmcanada Level 1

                  Hi pathblaster.  Thanks for the suggestion.  It seems like it would give the same end result as insert/delete which C Student suggested, but I'll definitely give it a try.  But this automatically names the new combined document as Binder, so I'll always need to fix the names back to the original pdf name.  In my workflow, I always replace all pages - strange that Replace Pages has worked pretty well for years and now doesn't work right with Pro XI.   You say this is the "proper path" and the "right way" - I need to build a new workflow, so could you pls point me to where to find that in Adobe's Help material?  I appreciate the help! 

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                    pathblaster Level 1

                    Hi kvd,


                    I guess my nomenclature may be presumptive. All I should have said is that the most appropriate method I have discovered for retaining tagging and all other accessibility functionality has been the Combine command. Replace Pages sometimes works and most of the time (lately) is doesn’t. My experience with Insert Pages has not been consistently successful either.

                    What you mean by a workflow I don’t fully understand. Do you mean an automated action? Unless you consistently use the same page numbers in every document, I don't know how you could automate it. Also, I have not been able to find specific process treatment about combining tagged PDFs. This has been a result of testing and experimentation.


                    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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                      kvdmcanada Level 1

                      Hi pathblaster - by "workflow", all I meant is the list of steps I need to go through for each document I work on - no automation - just the specific way my company needs them handled, like a procedure manual kind of thing.  With every new version of Acrobat, I've had to fix my steps.   I recently took a "How to create accessible pdf's" on-line tutorial, and they referred to it as "your workflow" - just fancy talk I guess.  Hey - thanks so much for looking for that material about combining - sorry for the trouble.  Real life trial and error often finds the best results!  Appreciate your effort and sharing your experience!