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    Being charged for unused creative cloud for teams seats


      I love the subscription process but am puzzled at the the fact Adobe charges me for seats that are not used, unbeknown to me. 

      Basically, I added a seat a year ago to my team subscription for an outside consultant but they were never able to install the CC suite and kept using their old non-cloud CS3/CS4 license.  Anyhow, I just found out yesterday, which means I paid 59.99 x 11 = 659.89 to adobe for nothing which is plain wrong...


      I did contact support, but they told me that when a seat is added, whether it is used or not is my problem, clearly not the answer I was looking for!


      Does anyone knows how to track the login record of active users on the team management console?  I did check and monitor that the assigned seat was active, which clearly was not the case as that user computer has none of the software and/or login.


      Is there a way to switch to "live" named licenses where I only get charged if actually someone used the seat during the month?


      No need to suggest that I go look at team members computers at their company that are hours away...  This is not practical nor legal.


      Thank you.