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    Script to convert from CC .indd to CC 2014 .indd format


      Hello!  I am a novice at scripting, so any advice is appreciated.  I am attempting to create a script that will do the following, but I am missing the code to actually prompt InDesign to run the Conversion to upgrade the file formats.


      1) Select a folder that contains the CC .indd files I want to update

      2) Open the CC .indd files.

      3) Suppress the TypeKit dialog

      4) Save the files with the same file name in the new CC 2014 .indd format

      5) Close the files


      I started with Script to open INDD files, run script, and close and modified from there.  Right now this does everything except (4) above.  It saves the files with the same file name, but does not go through the conversion process.


      Searching the forums and the web didn't turn up any documentation about this specific process and how to trigger it.  Has anyone else tried this, or have a better way to do it?  I'm all ears! Thanks!


      var myFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select InDesign Folder to Mass Convert to New File Format"); 
      var myIndsnFiles = myFolder.getFiles("*.indd"); 
      var saveFile;
      for(k=0; k<myIndsnFiles.length; k++)
         app.scriptPreferences.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevels.neverInteract;
         app.scriptPreferences.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevels.interactWithAll;
         saveFile = File( myFolder+ '/' + app.activeDocument.name ); 
         app.activeDocument.close( SaveOptions.NO, saveFile );