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    Why LR4.4 no longer works with Blurb?




      why LR4.4 no longer works with Blurb?

      If I configure a book and then click Submit to Blurb does not happen anymore. I even looked at the network traffic and it seems as if the IP is pinged to the contact record no longer respond. I do not understand. This has worked fine all the time. On the computer no setting has been changed. No software is installed that would prevent something. The last book has worked wonderfully. Interesting things, when I export the book as PDF and then upload at Blurb, Blurb complains that the standard by which PDF is not true. X2003 PDF version .... but I am surprised very strong and I really suspect that there adobe wants to put a stop to that one is supposed to buy the new LR version. But everything just a guess. Maybe someone can help me or even has a similar problem.