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    red screen of doom??

    crazyjoemilan Level 2
      So I have an app I've built that runs very successfully for 4 days straight before it starts giving me a bright red screen. This app runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, etc. loading jpg's and swfs every 20 seconds or so.

      After 4 days, it doesn't just turn red, but the background loader I've built just has a bright red screen instead of loading a jpg. I've looked high and low through my code to see if its somewhere in there, but I just can't find it. It could be the code that loads it, or it could be in the actual component.


      I don't think anyone can answer this question, its too specific to my project, so I deleted the code. But if you have ever had an app load images constantly for 4-5 days, then go red, I'd love to chat.

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          DZ-015 Level 1
          It's tough to speculate without seeing the code... but here's a thought. All variables in flash are Floating point numbers. That's nice, because the scope is huge, but not so nice, because they are often inaccurate in their math. Normally the inaccuracy is well below 0.000000001, but when you have variables that just keep going for days and days, those inaccuracies can grow on you.

          If you have any variables that are getting continuously modified for days on end, try to split up the task so your variable gets created, does what it needs to, and gets deleted. This way your numbers won't screw up on you.

          Then again, this may not at all be the problem you are running into.

          Good luck!
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            crazyjoemilan Level 2
            Interesting... Each of my components is unloaded and reloaded every minute or so, I was hoping it was some sort of depth problem, but each time I narrow it down to something, I find that I've not only worked through that issue, but it doesn't match the symptoms anyway.

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              Seems like a constant looping and much CPU usage that your system may not handle that kind of load after 4 days of continuous run. If you're loading http images, possibility is your temp internet folder is cleared (either manually or via a schedule) and if you're communicating with server scripts, that could be another possibility.
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                crazyjoemilan Level 2
                I was wondering if it could be a CPU thing, or a flash app stability thing, but its not all the time that the red screen of doom appears, probably once every 3 images it pops up. Here is the psuedo of what happens...

                "main.swf" loads XML of all background images, and their paths
                "main.swf" loads "background.swf"
                "background.swf" immediately loads a background image (random)
                *wait 27 seconds while pan effect manipulates image (setInterval - not Tween class)
                "main.swf" removes movieclip, and clears interval.
                -rinse and repeat

                Maybe I'll try to rebuild it using the tween class and see if I end up with the same problem.....?

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                  Rothrock Level 5
                  Is this running in a projector or a browser? Have you tried the other?

                  If a browser could it be some kind of cache problem with the browser?

                  You mention removing movieclips and clearing interval. Do you also reload the XML? Do you clear it? (Not likely the problem, but were grasping here!)

                  What happens if you reduce the number of random images for the background.swf to load to one?

                  Also, I'm not really understanding what goes red. Can you post a screen shot? Or at least a shot of how it normally looks and then describe which parts turn red.
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                    crazyjoemilan Level 2
                    its running projector. --I have tried the other, but 4 days on a browser is too taxing.

                    I only load the XML for the images once.

                    When I drop the amount of total images, nothing changes.
                    when I drop the size of the indiv. images, nothing changes.

                    I'll see if I can get a screenshot up.