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    How to copy edited layer/object to new canvas with changes intact?


      I'm trying to paste the face from one image onto the body and face of another (a very standard operation I imagine.)


      However, I needed to change the skin tone of the face so looked at a few tutorials online.


      I selected the face, hit refine edge and made colour adjustments using curves. As I am a beginner I was happy with the modest result and tried to select the object I had altered and paste it onto a new canvas in order to crop it to the right size.


      Yet whenever I paste it onto a new canvas, the skin colour has reverted to its original tone.


      I'm still getting to grips with layers and masks so I'm sure the answer lies here. If anyone can enlighten me as to why this is happening, or the best method of cutting, cropping and pasting a face onto another image with skintone changes, that would be great!