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    Premiere Elements 13 crash


      I created a short movie, less than 2 minutes, then tried to render it.  After a few minutes an error message appeared, "problem encountered", and shortly after PE 13 crashed.  It appears that I lost the entire project -- a lot of work!


      I'm new to Premiere Elements so perhaps there is still a project file somewhere on my computer?


      I was quite happy with the software until this happened but now I'm afraid to continue until I can be sure my work won't be lost.


      MacBook Pro

      OSX 10.9.4

      2.9 ghz i7

      8gb ram

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Did you purchase Premiere Elements 13 Mac or are you working with the tryout from Adobe?


          Please define a lot of work on a 2 minute project. Did you have the program opened and working on for at least

          20 minutes? If so, you might have been able to gain at least one AutoSave?


          I am strictly an Elements Windows user so I am not sure of Mac locations, but consider looking for a possible

          AutoSave for your project. In Windows, the default is Libraries/Documents/Adobe/13.0/Adobe Premiere Elements AutoSave Folder.


          An aside, my first Premiere Elements 13 Windows 7 64 bit burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc errored out. But, all subsequent operations have been successful.


          From one Premiere Elements user to another - do not be discouraged.


          Please let us know if you find an AutoSave of the project. AutoSave settings can be customized under Edit Menu/Preferences/Auto Save.



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            Saskwatch Level 1

            ATR... just moments before your reply appeared I successfully located a back-up of the project.  Fortunately I only lost a bit of the work and have now successfully rendered the project (and did a "save as" just in case.


            I purchased the Mac upgrade but had serious problems with installation and registration.  In fact, I spent over 2 hours with Adobe support yesterday before they were able to successfully complete the installation/registration.  Not sure if that is a factor but now a new problem has appeared... repeated failure when attempting to upload the video to my Vimeo account!


            I've tried quite a variety of video editors, always looking for one that doesn't require many hours climbing the learning curve just to piece together a basic movie.  So far, in spite of these bumps,  I am *very* pleased with PE 13.


            Edit:  at 98% my attempt to upload to the Adobe sharing site also failed.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Great news regarding finding and successfully completing what was thought to be a lost project. Great job.


              As for the uploads to the Social Websites -

              a. You can do the classical approach to verifying your Social Website's account integrity by exporting your Timeline to a file saved to

              the computer hard drive and then uploading that saved file to the Social Website at its web site.


              On the Internet side...the possibilities include:

              a. For the browser in use, clear the Cached Web Content under Advanced/Network

              b. Shut off the router for about 35 to 45 seconds

              c. Go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Web Sharing and refresh Online Services.


              Please let us know if any of the above helped.


              Thank you.



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                Saskwatch Level 1

                Thanks, ATR... I did a direct upload to Vimeo as you suggest but I'll save the other remedies for my next project.  Right now I'm using the "Favorites" feature to do some express editing -- that feature alone is worth the price of this software!

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply with the good news of the upload to Vimeo at the Vimeo web site. We will be watching for your progress with the upload of the Premiere Elements Timeline to the Social Websites from within the Premiere Elements 13 feature.


                  I am evaluating the Premiere Elements 13 tryout and will take a look at the "Favorites" feature that you like. (I just took a quick look at it, Tools Menu/Favorite Moments, - it is sort of a hybrid of the Time Remapping concept of video segment selection and trimming of clips in the file's Preview Window...need to explore it some more.)


                  Best wishes



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                    Saskwatch Level 1

                    ATR, I followed the steps you suggested and also rebooted my MBPro.  I haven't yet tried to upload a video to Vimeo again but both programs appear to be behaving better -- with the notable exception of the "create slideshow" feature.  Enabling that option warns me that there are no slideshow themes installed and to reinstall the Organizer.  How do I do that?

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      I just took my first look at Elements Organizer 13 Create/Slideshow that comes with my Premiere Elements 13 Windows.

                      Shocking. This is going to be a whole study in itself. Apparently, the good old slideshow is gone and now there is the

                      opportunity to a create slideshow with a choice of 5 given themes

                      Classic Dark


                      The Minimalist



                      Apparently those are the themes to which your message is referring.

                      The only way that I know of to reinstall the Elements Organizer 13 is to reinstall all of Premiere Elements 13. I have to do my

                      homework on Elements Organizer 13 Mac. The Mac users never had a slideshow feature there before.

                      Elements Organizer Help | What's new in Elements Organizer 13

                      Sounds like now Windows and Mac have that same feature.


                      Make sure Premiere Elements 13 is uninstalled completely the usual Mac way.

                      Run the free ccleaner Mac to get rid of leftovers

                      CCleaner - Download.

                      Reinstall the program with antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.


                      The interesting part is now you can get 720p and 1080p AVCHD.mp4 slideshows (in one of the themes) from the Elements Organizer 13 Create/Slideshow. Interesting.


                      We will be watching for further developments.



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                        Saskwatch Level 1

                        ATR, you've saved me again!


                        I uninstalled/re-installed as you suggested -- and I've successfully created, edited, and exported a small slideshow.  In the process of learning a bit about Organizer, however, I've inadvertently maxed out my Revel data allowance, so my next challenge is to figure out how to delete some of that content.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the update and great news of success with your Elements Organizer 13 slideshows.

                          Great job sorting through the troubleshooting details.


                          You must have been busy, maxing out your Adobe Revel data allowance.


                          Best wishes.