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    Hi guys, Im a Print graphic designer ( I use Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator ) I would like to learn more skills and switch from '' print to web design ''.

    The Tattooed Shark

      While doing some research, i came across some nice Adobe softwares like Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge Animate.


      Which one would you recommend me to learn and master?  I have also been looking at Adobe After Effects and it seems to be very nice too. I know it's mainly for those in the cinematographic industry but I think it might be useful for me to have some kinda knowledge about it, especially for making some Intros and animations for logos. What do you think about it?
      I have been watching some tutorials on Youtube and Lynda.com about Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge. They are pretty straight forward and I find myself comfortable with it.
      But I would like to know the difference between Muse and Animate Edge please. They both seem to be some kinda softwares for those who want to design without coding, right? But apart from that, how do they differentiate from each other.
      Hopeto get some nice tips, advices from you guys.