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    After adjusting the levels in a file the changes don't stay. How do I fix this?


      Hello helpful people,


      I'm running Photoshop CS5 on an iMac. I started with a scanned tiff that was emailed to me, a black on white ink drawing. I changed it from a tiff to a greyscale image and saved as psd, then converted it to RBG 8bit. When I open the psd file I see that it's in RBG 8 bit and there's no asterisk (*) by the file name, so my work space and file are compatible. I tried to adjust the layers to dull the black lines in the drawing, and although I can see the changes in preview, the corrections don't stay and the image reverts back to the original bold, black lines. I decided to change my background layer to a regular layer and make the edits there. However, when I change my background layer by unlocking it and changing the name, I notice that my file suddenly has an asterisk (*) after the name and my same attempts to change the levels aren't working. I'm not entirely sure if it's a compatibility issue with the work space, a file extension issue (psd), or something all together unknown to me. Any direction on how to adjust the levels so that my changes stay would be much appreciated - and furthermore, any advice on how to keep my files and work space in sync would also be helpful. Thank you. If it helps to know, I'm in painting mode within photoshop, which isn't my regular setting, but I thought it would help since I want to add color to this black an white drawing.