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    problem recompiling script

      Hi there I am new to Director. I am having a strange problem which I wish I can solve soon because I've been stopped because of these for some days.

      I have a sprite in which behaviour's sprite says something like: sprite("logo").loch = x; and x is a variable that is being modified so this image moves.. Now, when I comment this line and recompile (in both cases with the thunder button and also with the control -> recompile all scripts) I then rewind the movie and click on play but it seems to ignore the modification because nothing happens, it runs as if it was uncommented. The only thing I can do to update it is to close Director and reopen it and then the movie gets updated. But then same thing happens if I uncomment the line, it doesn't get updated until I close the program and rerun it.

      This happened in two different projects I have tried as first tests. The other thing that happens similiar to this is that once the compiler complains of an error, and after I correct it, it continues complaining that the script is wrong and I have to rerun the program.

      Last, I am running Director MX trial mode downloaded from Adobe's site. I have also tried my project in a new computer and the same thing happens... The only thing I can think of is that I have created damaged files from my computer in both project.. or that there is some option I am missing, but even in that case it is hard to believe that there should be an option such as 'don't require to rerun director to update things' .. Well, I hope you can help me because I have already ran out of ideas.