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      When I move / copy a downloaded E-book with Adobe Digital Editions from my laptop to my Kobo e-reader I get the message: CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED. What can I do about it?

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          How are you attempting to copy the book? Is it through a USB transfer, or through the software (ADE or Kobo) itself?

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            Rob_Stolk Level 1

            I downloaded the book from the community library, cklick-right on the download and choose "open with Adobe Digital Editions". The book appears in my bookcase. (I can now read the book on my laptop)

            When I drag the book to the icon of the connected Kobo-reader (left side of the screen), the message "CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED" appears.


            When I copy the book from my Downloads and paste it in my e-reader a message appears on the e-reader: "This file cannot be openend. It is protected by Adobe DRM and is not accessible with your Adobe ID. Sign in with your authorised Adobe ID and try again."


            I have no idea what to do.

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              Hey Rob. I'm having the same problem as you with my NOOK. Were you able to figure it out?

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                KenRCarson Level 1

                I downloaded an ebook from library and can read on computer ok but get this copy not allowed-no permission to copy the book when I try to put it on my Libre eBook reader...help please?

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                  These all sound like DRM issues, based on what I've seen. Most public library loans do not allow you to read ebook files on multiple devices unless you get them from a special service like Freeding because of publisher required DRM encoding (which frustrates librarians just as much as it frustrates you.) For example, I can borrow an ebook from my public library, read it on my Mac in Adobe Digital Editions, but I can't put it on my Kindle e-ink reader because the DRM will not allow me to change it's format. When you try to copy a file from A.D.E. to a device it will often try to convert the file to a format that is compatible with the device, an action that is typically prevented by DRM encoding.


                  That said, if you get ebooks from the public library using a service called Freeding (something that not all libraries provide, but many do) there is no DRM on the ebooks so they can be transferred to a device for easier reading. If you get a typical library loan and select Adobe Digital Editions you will likely only be able to read it on that computer unless you have a device that has either the Digital Editions software or app installed.


                  - R

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                    tsmith163 Level 1

                    Can you open the file in Adobe Digital Editions and go to File > Item Info and check what the file says for "viewing" and "copying" under permissions?

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                      KenRCarson Level 1

                      It says viewing on any device until 2014-10-13, (normal library time

                      period), and "not allowed" for copying

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                        Rob_Stolk Level 1

                        In my case it says:

                        viewing and copying on any device until 17-10-14


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                          What I did to resolve this issue is:

                          1. Crated a second ADE account
                          2. Open ADE and under 'Devices' find your reader and from the upper right corner  select “Authorize Device ”
                          3. Use the second ADE account
                          4. Copy the book



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                            Rob_Stolk Level 1

                            Yes! Problem solved. Thank you very much!!!!


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                              KenRCarson Level 1

                              When  I look at the area under devices it shows as being authorized.  Not

                              sure what you mean be creating a second account...how do I do that?


                              Thks, Ken

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                                tsmith163 Level 1

                                I believe he is referring to creating a second Adobe ID which can be done here:

                                Sign up - Adobe ID

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                                  I have the same CE_COPY_Not_Allowed message and it is driving me crazy.  I do not want to read my library book on my desktop computer, but on my KOBO device.  I do not understand create a second ADE account, which one of the posters then explained as "creating a second Adobe ID".  But when I went to the link, my name and email address and password were there so how do I create a second Adobe ID.   Do I put in a fake name, with my email address and then a new password?  Will that not confuse Adobe?  I am certainly confused.

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                                    I've used this before years ago, same process. I borrow the ebook from the library website, open it with ADE and i can read it on my laptop. Now I'm having the "copy not allowed" issue transferring it to my nook tablet. When I used this last, it went through no problem so I don't think its an issue because of the library book. Please help

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                                      Hi, I followed the advice above "Can you open the file in Adobe Digital Editions and go to File > Item Info and check what the file says for "viewing" and "copying" under permissions?"

                                      But the message I get "The document is licensed for a different user account"!!!!!!!

                                      There is only one user, me!!! There has only ever been one user, me!!

                                      I have spent hours on this, and quite honestly I feel like throwing the KOBO in the bin and buying a good old paper book

                                      The software is written by morons

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                                        This solved all my problems.  When I tried to authorize my computer or my ereader before it said that my id could only be used to authorize 1 computer or device.  This is the same computer and ereader I had authorized and used before, but for some reason now it said it was not using an id.  I created an new account with another email address and authorized both the computer and ereader with it and everything went fine.  I am now able to transfer my library books to me ereader.

                                        Thank you !