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    ADE suddenly quit working for all users on my Vista computer.  What should I do?


      Please help.



      Adobe Digital Editions quit working for all users on my Wndows Vista computer after I tried several times to install a book that wouldn't install.  The book is one of three I recently purchased even though the other two installed with no problem.  Other books were already installed. 



      I uninstalled and re-installed ADE with the latest version and tried again after clearing out the "My Digital Editions" folders by moving the contents elsewhere.  The same problem occurs with all users on my computer.  



      The program runs showing no books or bookshelves despite contents in the "My Digital Editions" folder.  If I try to "Add to Library,"  the program shuts down and shows nothing- not even an error message when re-run.  Even though I'm only able to create a bookshelf, no bookshelf appers when the program is re-run.


      I even tried de-authorizing and re-authorizing my computer.



      What should I do?