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    From Lightroom 4.4 RGB1998 - open in photoshop CS6 - embedded colour profile changing to SRGB regardless of Lightroom export settings.



      I'm experiencing an issue regarding lightroom 4.4 - Photoshop 13.0.6x64


      This has just started happening in the last few days, I have not changed my settings etc ?


      My external editing preferences in the Lightroom preferences menu for the edit in Adobe Photoshop CS6 command are

      as follows,

      File format    - TIFF

      Color Space - AdobeRGB (1998)

      Bit Depth      - 16 bits

        I run CS6 working space in ColorMatch RGB at the request of the Pro lab I use & have done for years with great results. Before the file opens in CS6 I

      get the Embedded Profile Mismatch pop up & I alway select use the embedded profile ( AdobeRGB1998) instead of the working space.    

      The mismatch menu always used to read,

      Embedded : AdobeRGB 1998

      Working : ColorMatch RGB

      For some unknown reason every file I now open through Lightroom into CS6 - The Embedded Profile Mismatch warning is telling me that all my files

      have an embedded  SRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile ?  


      I can't get any of my files into photoshop with my normal AdobeRGB1998 embedded profile anymore regardless of Lightroom's external editing settings?

      Seems they are being converted regardless ? have tried removing CS6 preferences Doc from the folder but not making any differences. Even my old files

      that I know are RGB1998 embedded are turning up in CS6 converted to SRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile ?


      I'm running a Mac 10.9.4, Lightroom 4.4 & Photoshop CS6 - 13.0.6 x64


      Any ideas on how this started & how I can sort it out ?