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    Flash player crashes when adjusting audio volume


      MacBook Pro, OS X Version 10.9.5

      Safari internet browser, version 7.1


      I am taking online classes via megameeting.com.  When loading the classroom, flash works perfectly fine.  However, as soon as I adjust the computer's audio volume (either by pressing the keyboard button or manually clicking and dragging the volume adjustment slider bar on my desktop), I immediately get a white screen with a gray "plugin failure" message. 


      I can run the same classroom simultaneously on the same computer utilizing google chrome, and flash does not crash on the chrome browser when I adjust the volume. 


      I followed the directions to perform a clean uninstall and reinstall (running Flash version 15), and I still have the same problem.  My settings are set to allow internet plugins.  So far, I have not detected this problem where adjusting the audio volume crashes flash on other websites.  Any help?