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    Dropable DateChooser


      I am trying to create a dropable DateChooser, i.e. I want to do a drag-n-drop from a list onto a DateChooser (my calendar), but are having a few problems.

      I have managed to retrieve the date that I drop onto (it's a little dirty, but it works) by using the localX/localY of the DragEvent.

      But now I want to have some dates being non-dropable, i.e. you can only drop onto some dates and it should be indicated by the change in cursor, but I am are having some problems since dragEnter and dragOver is only triggered when you enter the DateChooser, not when you move from date to date.

      I was thinking of actually adding an invisible net over the DateChooser, possibly triggered by a change in state when you drag something into the DateChooser. But first I would like to hear if anyone has a simpler/better solution.

      Any ideas?