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    Recurring Framed Element


      Using Indesign CS5.5 on a Windows XP and Indesign CC on a Mac OS 10.9.4.


      We used the content grabber to select the object within the frame, edit>cut, delete whatever frame that's left behind and then edit>paste.


      Turns out, the object that we cut and paste is still inside a frame. So I repeat the process, trying to remove the frame and get the object only.


      Funny thing is, we're able to repeat this process without ever getting to the raw/source/original objects, when we really want it to not be inside any frames. Because we want to apply a colour swatch to the object but everytime we do, the object remains 'unswatched' but the frame is the one that gets applied with the colour swatch.


      Any help on this?


      - Received the indesign file from a client and trying to work with it

      - There's no indication of a linked file or an image file in the document

      - Both Mac and PC suffers the same issue

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What is this "object"? If it's pasted rasters, it needs to be in a frame, So ID makes on on the fly, and can only be colorized if it is grayscale or 1-bit  black and white. If it's pasted paths from Illustrator, you might be pasting as PDF, or the path is too complicated and is coming in as .eps. Both require frames and neither is editable.