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    Lightroom is corrupting my files!

    gegjr Level 1

      Why is Lightroom corrupting my files? I getting error the JPEG Marker Segment is too short or maybe truncated. They were fine when originally imported so what happened? I have had this happen occasionally whenever I synchronize a folder. I always check integrity of catalog, optimize and backup the catalog. However, the issue is appears to be with the original file not with the LR Previews (thumbnail). Does anyone know why this happens? Is there anyway to restore the files? I keep my files on an external drive and have my catalog on the computers internal drive. I thought it might be because I imported the files into my laptops catalog but it also happens on my desktop which is where the external drive is connected. I access the external drive from my laptop via my home network. I even backup the external drive to a networked drive. I went to the backup and got the same message. I looked at the properties of the backup files  and there is almost nothing there. The date taken, camera, and most other metadata is gone. The only metadata there is file name, item type, folder path, date created (which is date of backup created in this case), date modified (same as date created), file size, attribute (A), Owner (Unix User\root), and computer name which is in this case the name of network drive. I need some help before all my files start to go bad.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          areohbee Level 6

          If raw files were fine after import (and I mean long enough after import that raw data was rendered by Lightroom, i.e. after initial view of embedded jpeg is replaced by Lr rendering), then went bad - it's probably due to a hardware problem, most often disk or ram. Unless it's gone completely bonkers, Lightroom doesn't write to your raw files, so doesn't corrupt them.

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            gegjr Level 1

            I am not talking about raw files. I believe I said "JPEG Marker Segment"? Some of these files were never even raw to begin with and many of them go way back to LR3. Why can't I get Adobe to talk to me about this. Not only are the files corrupting (luckily I have good backup practices so I can replace the files). I know it sounds impossible but Lightroom is actually corrupting the original file NOT the preview file. Why would it be doing this? The way I find out is if I go to move or copy the file to another location or use LR to import to another physical location. Not only are files corrupted but I am finding that the time stamp is being altered, too!

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              areohbee Level 6

              Sorry - jpeg then, not raw..


              This is the user-to-user forum (which Adobe also participates in, occasionally).


              You may (or may not) have better luck talking to an Adobe employee in the Adobe feedback forum:


              New topic for Photoshop Family


              And of course there is always customer service (e.g. chat) - set expectations low..


              If I were you, I would:

              * turn off auto-write xmp.

              * make files read-only.

              * discontinue saving xmp manually.

              * compute checksums over all your files, using Raw File Integrity Checker (a free plugin I wrote, which works for jpegs too).

              * check checksums frequently.


              And then see what happens. If still having corruption, it's a hardware problem for sure.


              If Lightroom is corrupting them, then it's probably happening whilst writing xmp, since that's about the only time it writes to those files, theoretically.


              Note: just because they are getting corrupted on Lr's watch, does not mean the problem is due to a bug in Lightroom - if hardware problem during writing, that'll do it..


              Anyway, RFIC will help determine where the problem is, and if there is a pattern..



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                gegjr Level 1

                Thanks Rob. Appreciate the advice.