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    set sub links on a one page website


      Hi everybody!


      I do a lot "one pager" sites with Adobe Edge Animate like my own site www.dnzstudio.com


      All the "sub sites" are in the same document and are different symbols. The timeline looks something like this:


      Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-27 um 11.57.05.png


      The reason I am doing that is to have nice transitions between the sites.

      Now I am desperately trying to find a solution that I can give my "sub sites" subdomains like when I enter www.dnzstudio.com/photo it will directly load my site and go to the keyframe "PHOTO".

      (reasons for that: 1. users can use the back button of the browser, 2. I can share sub sites  on facebook or give the sub link to a customer, friend, whatever if the focus is on photography for example)


      The easiest way would be to put a code in the timeline at the keyframe of "PHOTO"...


      Is this somehow possible? Does anybody know a way to do that?


      Thanks a lot for help, greetings,