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    any way to go back to robohelp 5!!

      I used robohelp 6 trial version on my robohelpX5 files now they dont work in robohelp 5!! Got a messages saying project created with a newer version. Is there anyway to make robohelp access these files again?? Please help!!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Bit late now but a basic rule with any software is to take a backup before opening a file with the new software.

          There is a solution which if you are lucky will give you your project back intact, at worst you will retrieve it with a bit of work to do.

          Take a copy of the project as it is now.

          With the copy delete the CPD and XPJ files. Then right click the HHP file and use Open With | RH HTML. If you have not removed the trial version, there will be two versions showing, use the one with the orange icon.

          See the topic on my site about opening projects for details of what you might have lost.