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    DEP opening when .chm called

      using RoboHelp 3.1. About eight different help files exist in hundreds of pieces of software. All help files working perfectly. New customer opens help and gets Data Execution Prevention popup that closes entire application. Is this because DEP is incompatible with the HHActiveX file? If so, is there an HHActiveX file compatible with DEP? Yes, we know an exception can be added to DEP, but looking for vendor fix. Are we way off base? Any suggestions?
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          Hi owhel,

          DEP only kicks in when system memory is used inappropriately, which means there is probably a script error somewhere. One other user on these forums had this problem but I don't know that it was resolved.

          I would look at the scripts on the default page if it is closing immediately on opening the CHM. Have you added any scripts - especially OnLoad functions? RoboHelp automatically adds its own scripts and sometimes these conflict with user added scripts.

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            John, thanks for the info. We will look into it and see if that is the problem. It is only happening on one user's machine and we cannot duplicate it.