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    Lightroom not working on Macbook Pro (2014)

    Lightroom not working

      I've just bought a new Macbook Pro, 2.8 Ghz i7, and I've installed Lightroom 5.6 via the Creative Cloud. Everytime I open the software, after the splash screen, all I've got is a grey window (where the actual software should be displayed). Also, I've noticed the top menu is reduced to only "File, Edit, Window and Help".

      I've tried uninstalling and installing a few times, and the problem persists.

      Here's what happens:

      Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 10.36.46.png




      I've also tried downloading Lightroom 4, that actually works (but since my previous laptop already had the Lightroom 5, I've lost a lot of presets, so, I don't consider a downgrade an option).


      Any clue on how to work around this problem?