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    How to break the link between photoshop and lightroom when saving a photo?


      I've had an ongoing issue with saving copies of photos I import from LR to PS and back into LR. Any multiple copies I make get erased when they move back to LR. My solution has been to save a copy in an extra folder apart from Lightroom and import them in later. It's rough, but it works. But now I have a new demon.


      I tweaked a photo in LR, made a copy to keep it safe, then sent the copy over to PH where I did some magic. I Saved As in that special other folder, closed the tab, got the usual box asking if I wanted to save the changes (of course I did), I went back to LR to see both the original and copy changed over to the PS version. I went back to PS, opened the .psd, unclicked the mask, clicked the checkbox, when back to LR and both the original and copy in LR had the mask removed.


      I'm missing something here.


      There m u s t be a way to break the link between PS and LR so that when I save a copy of a photo I made in LR the original and copy remain two separate photos. Does anyone know how?