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    How to markup a layout so each area is exported as a different page on the pdf using the crop and bleeds

    Gareth Boulton

      Hi, I work in the sign industry and I am looking at a way to streamline our preprint setup for artworks


      the issue is that we will get an artwork that is 6m x 2m. This is to big to do in one print so we will chop it into 2-3 pieces and then print those.

      this is currently done by laying out the full artwork in indesign then exporting it as a pdf. this pdf is then imported into illustrator where we will manually cutup the artwork using clipping masks (it has to be manual due to cuts in the artwork needing to managed so it doesn't go though text, ext).


      ideally I would like to lay it out in indesign then markup this layout with boxes which show the areas to be cut out. then we I export I'd like indesign to export each box as its own pdf(or pages in one pdf) with cut marks and bleeds.


      is this possible in indesign using say the slice tool? (the slice tool seems to be for html elements)


      any help or suggest would be most welcome


      Kind regards