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    How to run Indesign on ten journalism computers affordably in public high school?


      We get money every five years for new software. For our school news paper and yearbook we have $2,000 every five years. That equals $200 a copy for software per machine (we use 10 computers for newspaper editors and yearbook staff).


      Under current adobe CC pricing we would be charged $19.99 a month for InDesign (plus other stuff we don't need) X 12 months X 5 years X 10 machines = ~ $12,000 every five years, as long as the price does not go up  (five years is our curriculum adoption cycle).


      We only have $2,000 every five years.


      If Adobe can come up with a more affordable pricing option, we can continue to use their products. If not, Adobe products will be replaced by lower cost options. We used to spend $3,000 every five years on MS Office products and now we spend nothing, using only google products. They are not as good but I was not able to win the argument presented by principals and district level purchasers who said kids could still succeed without using the best Office tools. I would hate to lose all our adobe products too.


      I have bought thousands of dollars of Adobe products for the classroom and personally over the years. Please find a way to support me and my students.



      Howard Roark Roney, RFSD, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601