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    Using camera shake on animated projects in AE CS6 -  Problems




      I have AE CS6 version running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit 12 GB RAM, Nvidia 3 GB on a Toshiba Qosmio laptop.  Its not a technical support question, its a problem I am having with camera shake preset I have, also the Wiggle effect doesn't work anymore with my animated projects.  My first project used camera shake on an animated balloon here is the video, notice the trees moving (shaking) and the balloon is perfectly stable and appears to be moving slowly in the sky:

      Balloon - YouTube


      The above video was a tripod shot of the sky, and a photo of a hot air balloon animated to appear its moving in the sky.  Camera shake was added to give the illusion that it was a hand held shot.   It worked perfect.  Now all my other animated projects can not use the camera shake preset anymore, the balloon now shakes along with the original footage.  Please see this YouTube video that explains it in more detail and you will see what I mean:

      HELP with camera shake problem - YouTube


      What am I doing wrong or what did I do right the first time?  I spent about 3 hours on this and can NOT figure out whats going on. Why did the first animated project work and the other now won't work?  I am at a loss, no idea whats going on.  Can anyone please help?


      Thank you,