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    kuler not working for creative cloud

    Ana Montesdeoca

      I am signed in to my adobe account, but my kuler window says: "No color themes available in Kuler account"

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          It's my understanding that Adobe has stepped backward and Kuler is no longer Kuler. By this I mean, what I always loved about Kuler, the ability to find color memes that other people have created and apply them to my own projects, is no longer part of Kuler. Please O Great Adobe Seers and Savants, prove me wrong. I would love to find out how I can get back to the functionality that I once enjoyed. Or failing that, can you give us a good reason why this was taken away in the redesign? I'd be much happier to be proved an ignoramus. Ana, let us await the seers together.

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            Dave E Employee Moderator

            Ana, David57 - this depends on which application you are using. By the sound of it, I think you are discussing Illustrator CC.  See my notes below:

            • Old versions of PS, Ai, and ID have the legacy Kuler extension which allows you to browse colors.  If you are using a newer "CC" version, see the notes below.
            • Photoshop CC: install the Kuler extension and your all set (Browse, create, and save themes.) Link to extension After you install, you can find it here: Windows > Extensions
            • Illustrator CC: browse kuler.adobe.com and favorite themes there.  After you mark a theme as favorite, it will show up for you in Illustrator.
            • After Effects CC: by default, AE already includes the new Kuler extension (Browse, create, and save themes).  Find it in Windows > Extensions
            • InDesign CC: the legacy Kuler extension is available for ID.  In the very near future, we hope to include the new Kuler extension in the app by default--which allows you to browse, create, and save themes by default.