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    Formatting and Spacing Issues




      In dynamic forms, I use text fields for unchanging individual sentences and paragraphs. The same document may also have numbered paragraphs with changing and unchanging text. I also use a lot of text fields with the Concat function in text fields which create sentences/paragraphs of varying length as the lengths of the text/date field objects expand.


      I often find that I have trouble spacing text and text field objects. If my text or text field objects are set with spacing at 1.5 I cannot get them to space properly on the form. My only recourse is to eye ball how it looks, and invariable the sentences do not space out on the page correctly.


      If I word process a document, all of my sentences on a page with line spacing set at "2" are going to be consistent. I am having difficulty re creating that consistency with multiple objects.


      My question is not about the Align function. I am familiar with that. My question deals with correct line spacing using text and text field objects. Is there a way to do this more exactly than eyeballing the form?


      Can you point me to a resource? Is there a methodical way to accomplish this consistency that I'm missing.


      Many thank yous in advance