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    New PC build for After Effects, C4D, Premiere Pro (no gaming required)


      Hi all, i'm getting a new PC together for a friend of mine, i'd like to get help on a few things, here is what i have at this point :


      CPU : Intel 5820K 3.3ghz 6-core i7

      MB : ???? unsure

      RAM : Crucial 32gb (4x8 gigabytes) DDR4

      GPU : GTX 970

      SSD : 256GB Crucial SSD ***already owned

      HD : 1x2TB + 1x3TB ***already owned

      Case : Cooler Master ATX case ***already owned, unsure which model, but looks like the 932

      Power Supply : see below (Corsair TX650)



      Ok as you can see some parts will be used from the old computer that's being upgraded, mostly the drives but also the case. Unsure whether she should get a a new cooling system and power supply with this build, the present power supply is a Corsair TX650, it's about 2.5 years old.

      As for the video card, the GTX 970 is not out yet but she'll be using her old GTS 450 in the meantime.


      From what i've read, for C4D and After Effects, CPU and RAM are the priority, but Premiere Pro makes use of the GPU. So the system here tends to put a bit more budget on the CPU and RAM side.


      There's about 300-400 left for budget, what Motherboard should we get ?? They all have similar features but very different prices so are the price differences due only to the build quality ?