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    IO error upload script/ 404 error

    jonnybennett Level 1
      Is there a reason why my upload script works perfectly on a PC, but not on a mac???
      any ideas. thanks J.
      ( I get an 'IO error' when uploading on a mac. )
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          Rothrock Level 5
          I think there is an error with that in Safari on the Mac. Does it work in Firefox?
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            jonnybennett Level 1
            Thanks for the response. Error for both Safari and firefox... i've not been able to test on explorer yet.(don't have a mac'). Gonna test on explorer soon. I let you know. Thanks J
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              jonnybennett Level 1
              I get the same IO error, every time on a mac, every browser type.... anyone have any ideas? thanks J.
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                Rothrock Level 5
                Well that was an idea. And really the only one that makes sense. There are other folks who are able to do uploads on the Mac. So my guess is your code has something that happens to work on the PC side, but probably shouldn't.

                It would be time to post the relevant bits of code.
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                  jonnybennett Level 1
                  Script would probably help!, I ust thought that someone might have had a similar experience and knew what the problem may be... Anyway here is the script,thanks for taking a look....

                  //import the FileReference Object
                  import flash.net.FileReference;

                  var file_fr:FileReference = new FileReference();

                  //object for listening to for FileReference events
                  var list_obj:Object = new Object();

                  list_obj.onSelect = function(){
                  fileName.text = file_fr.name;}

                  list_obj.onComplete = function(){
                  fileName.text = "All Done";

                  list_obj.onProgress = function (bytesTotal, bytesLoaded){
                  var percent = bytesLoaded/file_fr.size;

                  list_obj.onCancel = function(){
                  fileName.text = "Cancel was selected";


                  list_obj.onIOError = function(fileRef){
                  fileName.text = "IO error with " + fileRef.name;

                  list_obj.onSecurityError = function(fileRef, error){
                  fileName.text = "Security error with " + fileRef.name + ":" + error;

                  list_obj.onHTTPError = function(fileRef:FileReference, error:Number){
                  fileName.text += "HTTP error: with " + fileRef.name + ":error #" + error;


                  browseBtn.onRelease= function(){
                  file_fr.browse([{description: "Image Files", extension: "*.jpg;"}])

                  prog.rec_mc.fillColor = Math.random()*0x1000000;

                  function drawRec (per){
                  loader.progressBar._xscale = Math.round((per) * 100);
                  loader.percent.text = Math.round((per) * 100) + "%";}

                  Thanks J.