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    Affects starts to lag after and hour of being open

    MGMartino Level 1

      After working in After Effects for an hour or longer it starts to lag hard...  The ram preview takes forever to render (which I know is somewhat normal) and then when they are "ready" they just delay so horribly that they never play back in realtime. If I shut After Effects down and start it back up it seems to work it self out but sometimes I just made an alteration to my project and I am not sure if I like it or not so I would like to preview it and then just hit "undo" if I don't like it or hit "save" if I do.  But with AE doing this thing that it does after an hour I no longer have that luxury and I have to hit save then open AE back up and preview what I just altered and if I don't like it I have to go in and manually switch things back to they way they were (which can be quite tedious) as apposed to just being able to hit "undo"...any suggestions?


      P.S.  I just upgraded my MacBook Pro from 4GB to 16GB so I was hoping stuff like lagging and delay wouldn't happen anymore but I guess I was wrong.